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World Trip

Discover the world. That sounds like a dream.
For me, it is just a worthy opportunity to take.
Get a look to my plans about this world trip.

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Keep in Touch with friends is valuable.
I developed an App to assist me in getting in touch.
One day I pitched this idea & WeKiT was created!

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Coin Collector

Finding unknown coin is exciting.
Revealing information about coin, sort it out
and become the market place for coin collectors.

Here is the deal »

One life to explore the whole world.
Travelling is my religion.

Trekking in Himalaya.
Discovering the Golden Temple of Amritsar, India.
Visiting Maribor, Slovenia with friends.
Hitchhiking in Nubra Valley, India.

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Changing the world at work.
Have real impact with entrepreneurship.

Create business by providing useful services for the world.
Motivation and excitement come with the success of the start up.
Being useful for the world, that's the deal!

Sharing fun with people.
Who cares about fun if there is nobody sharing it with you.

Meeting European in Serbia.
Gather BEST France during the Join Board Training.
Going out with friends.
Inside a team of entrepreneurs.

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